New Business Development Investigations

     Identifying and Assessing New Product/
     Market Growth Opportunities

Market Intelligence Investigations
     Investigating Market Structure Changes,
     Emerging and Converging Technologies

Business Intelligence Investigation

     Evaluating Strategic Strengths and

     Weaknesses in Competitive Environments



 Clients have realized key benefits from our Delphi investigations, including:

Progressive identification of viable "market-driven" new business opportunities;

Ability to allocate resources to programs that have the highest probability of success;

Improved opportunity to create value-added, customer-oriented marketing programs;

Augmented offerings that lead to significant and sustainable differential advantages;

Mitigated costs of additional market surveys and competitive analyses.

A partial list of clients include:

"It has been suggested that new business development resembles a game of stud poker. With each card the stakes get higher, and with each card you know more, but you never really know enough until the last card has been played. The most important ability in this game is knowing when to fold, when to hold, and when to take a shot. Without a systematic new business development process, the game of new products may better resemble a game of Russian roulette. While it is not possible to guarantee success, it is possible to establish a strategic framework and set of procedures with associated "tools" which can substantially reduce the risks of new business development."